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The Media Interaction Lab is a research lab hosted at the Department of Interactive Media at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria | School of Informatics, Communication and Media in Hagenberg. The Media Interaction Lab integrates research with education, providing students with a project-based learning environment. Both undergraduate and graduate students from the Interactive Media department within the University carry out research and industry projects.



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The lab was founded back in 2001 by Dr. Michael Haller together with a couple of Master students. After years of extensive research in virtual reality and tabletop interaction, our lab continued its journey towards large interactive surfaces and creative environments, which is still a major research focus within our lab. In the last couple of years we have increased research efforts in more hardware-related domains, such as sensing technologies and hardware design. Those efforts also manifest in recent projects with automotive companies, where one major goal is to develop and investigate next-generation interfaces for cars.

Large Interactive Surfaces

User experience and interface design on large pen-based surfaces, such as tabletops and interactive whiteboards

Creative Environments

Software tools to support specific workflows for creative workshops and command & control scenarios in collaborative environments

Sensor & Hardware

Development of piezoelectric and –resistive sensing technologies for integration into flexible displays, wearables and furniture

Automotive UX

Prototyping next-generation interfaces for future mobility and highly automated driving experiences

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