Best Paper Award – proCover – UIST2016

We are proud to announce that our paper “proCover: Sensory Augmentation of Prosthetic Limbs Using Smart Textile Covers” won a Best Paper Award at ACM UIST 2016! proCover was also featured on TechCrunch, Cool Wearable, RoboticGizmos, Inverse, and more!

This work would not have been possible without an incredible team, including the many people from the “Selbsthilfegruppe: Leben mit Amputation” who generously volunteered their time and energy to work with us, our prosthetics expert Dr. Hubert Egger, and Dr. Alex Olwal from Google Inc.! We give our sincere thanks to all who supported us on this journey, and for those who have expressed interest in this work and our mission moving forward.

Check out our project page and youtube video for more information. Pictures include images taken from the conference talk given by Joanne Leong. A video of the talk will also be available online shortly.