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Sara Mlakar

UX Designer
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PhD Student
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PhD Embedded Systems Engineer [f/m]
Mobile Software Engineer [f/m]

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Former Staff & Students

  • Dr. Anita Vogl (2013-2019)
    now working at catalysts
  • Teo Babic, MSc. (2013-2019)
    now working for BMW
  • Dr. Kathrin Probst (2009-2019)
    now working for oktav
  • Dr. Florian Perteneder (2009-2019)
    now working for dynatrace
  • Evelyn Hetzinger (2014-2018)
  • Joanne Leong, MSc. (2013-2018)
    now PhD Student at the MIT Media Lab
  • Sebastian Gassler, MSc. (2014-2018)
    now working for Hoylu
  • Dr. Christian Rendl  (2009-2018)
    now working for mutor
  • Adwait Sharma, MSc. (2015-2017)
    now PhD Student at the Saarland University
  • Dr. Martin Bresler (2014)
    now working at Apple
  • Eva-Maria Grossauer, MSc.(2013-2016)
    now working at KISI
  • Jakob Zillner, MSc. (2012-2014)
    now working at VRVis
  • Dr. Jakob Leitner (2004-2014)
    now working at w’inspire GmbH
  • Dr. Thomas Seifried (2004-2014)
    now working at w’inspire GmbH
  • Yan Xu, MSc. (2012-2014)
  • Patrick Greindl, MSc. (2011-2014)
    now working at runtastic, Austria
  • Toru Aoki (2014)
    Keio University, Japan
  • Dr. David Lindlbauer  (2011-2013)
    now working at ETHZ
  • Nobuhiro Takahashi, MSc.(2013)
    The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan