We are

a team of researchers

We investigate large surfaces, create new interaction techniques, develop fancy prototypes, and change the world for the better – at least we try ;). We deal with software, hardware, prototyping, fabrication and we love coffee and cake.

We are

situated in Hagenberg

Inspiring nature. This is one term that describes our surroundings. We are part of the University of the Applied Sciences Upper Austria, and are located at the Campus Hagenberg. You can find our office at FH 3 Building.

We love

crazy ideas

The best ideas come from a diverse, interdisciplinary team. We like to tinker and stay curious. If you are interested in working with us, we are always open for new ideas.

Meet the Team

Our Creative Minds
Big Boss

Evelyn Hetzinger

Excel Fighter
Flexible Mind
Chair Lady
Security Guard
Idea Pusher
Hardware Guy
Sewing Mama
Sketching Princess
Code Profiler

Adwait Sharma

Magic Machine Learning Juggler

Maiko Usumi

Crossing Platform & Crossing Culture

Current Students

  • Iris Schaffer, BSc
    Creativity Tools
  • Christine Pühringer, BSc.
    Post-It extraction from images
  • Julian Erhardt, BSc.
    Mobile app for post-it creation and handling
  • Judith Wagnermeyer, BSc.
    Mobile app for post-it creation and handling

Former staff & students

  • Bettina Grünzweil, MSc. (2007-2008)
    Master Thesis
  • Uros Krcadinac (2008)
    Good Old AI Research Group, University of Belgrad
  • Claudia Oster, MSc. (2006-2008)
    Master Thesis
  • Verena Lugmayr, MSc. (2006-2008)
    Master Thesis
  • Christian Schafleitner, MSc. (2006-2008)
    Master Thesis
  • Sabine Seinfeld, MSc. (2007-2008)
    Master Thesis
  • Jian Gu (Jon) (2008)
    HITLabNZ, New Zealand
  • James Powell (2007-2008)
    University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Kyungdahm Yun (2007-2008)
    Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
  • Christina Köffel, MSc. (2006-2007)
    Master Thesis
  • DI Jürgen Zauner (2002-2007)
  • Florian Bacher, MSc. (2005-2006)
    Master Thesis
  • Doris Bernert, MSc. (2005-2006)
    Master Thesis
  • Manuela Waldner, MSc. (2005-2006)
    Master Thesis
  • Doris Zachhuber, MSc. (2005-2006)
    Master Thesis
  • Sabine Bamberger, MSc. (2004-2005)
    Master Thesis

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