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Back from AVI 08

naples_01.jpgAVI08 took place last week in beautiful Naples (Italy). No piles of rubbish at all, so we could enjoy the nice city and the really interesting conference. Our paper and digital whiteboard project (Paperizer) was shown as well as the result of last year’s cooperation with MERL, a combination of pen and direct touch interaction for controlling Photoshop. Visit or updated project pages to get more information, watch the videos or download the paper and presentation slides!

Some words about the highlights of the conference.

Slit-Tear from Anthony Tang is a really nice video analysis project that uses video slicing to extract regions of interest from a video stream. Looks fancy and I’m sure that there are some projects where this could be very useful. Check out the video.

CityWall is a public interactive wall installation from Ubiquitous Interaction group at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.

On Saturday, the PPD 08 (Workshop on designing multi-touch interaction techniques for coupled public and private displays) took place. We had some interesting presentations there and a brainstorming session about technologies and interactions with public and private displays. You’ll find the proceedings here.

Here are some impressions from that week.


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  1. […] I am not going to discuss the conference program into detail this time, but will just highlight a couple of interesting papers. Possibly one of the coolest papers was “Exploring Video Streams using Slit-Tear Visualizations” by Anthony Tang (video). Another presentation I enjoyed was “TapTap and MagStick: Improving One-Handed Target Acquisition on Small Touch-screens” by Anne Roudaut (video). It seems there is lots of related work in this area (e.g. Shift, ThumbSpace, etc.). Peter Brandl presented two interesting papers: Bridging the Gap between Real Printouts and Digital Whiteboards and Combining and Measuring the Benefits of Bimanual Pen and Direct-Touch Interaction on Horizontal Interfaces. He was brave enough to do an impressive live demo for the first paper Oh, and he also covered the conference in a blog post. […]