NiCE Discussion Room
NiCE Discussion Room
NiCE Discussion Room
NiCE Discussion Room
NiCE Discussion Room
NiCE Discussion Room

NiCE Discussion Room


NiCE Discussion RoomCurrent technological solutions that enable content creation and sharing during group discussion meetings are often cumbersome to use, and are commonly abandoned for traditional, manual tools such as flip-charts or white-boards. Those tools provide much flexibility in supporting a wide range of working styles and task activities that may occur in a given meeting. However, they have their own drawbacks; content that is generated in an analog way is difficult to modify or replicate. In the NiCE Discussion Room we introduce a novel digital meeting room design, which integrates digital and analog, paper tools into a cohesive system with an intuitive pen-based interface. The combination of digital and paper media provides groups with a flexible design solution that enables them to create, access, and share information and media from a variety of sources to facilitate group discussions.


Österreichischer Multimedia & e-Business Staatspreis 2010/2011:
Jury award in the category “Innovation”

Published: April 18, 2010


Michael Haller
Jakob Leitner
Thomas Seifried
Christoph Richter
Peter Brandl
Adam Gokcezade

Media Interaction Lab

James R. Wallace
Stacey D. Scott

University of Waterloo


M. Haller, J. Leitner, T. Seifried, J. Wallace, S. Scott, C. Richter, P. Brandl,  A. Gokcezade and S. Hunter, 2010. “The NiCE Discussion Room: Integrating Paper and Digital Media to Support Co-Located Group Meetings,” in CHI 10: Proceedings of the eight annual SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems, 2010. [SLIDES]