Project Start: October 2012
Run-Time: 2 years
Partners: Bene, BM.I, IFES
Funding: FFG – KIRAS


Situation awareness is essential to the decision making process in the emergency response and control setting. Incorrect, distorted or incomplete situation awareness can lead to erroneous decisions with catastrophic consequences. Situation maps used for planning and decision making are fundamental to correct and complete situation awareness, and the maps have to fulfill requirements of various emergency cases. Moreover, operators often need to coordinate rescue squads from different organizational units on varying levels of detail. Based on these requirements, a highly flexible and dynamic situation map that provides both overview and enough level of detail is needed. However, the analog or static situation maps, that are currently prevalent, do not support these requirements well.
Therefore, a new interactive situation map needs to be established. With new design metaphors (space and furniture design) and interaction techniques (Natural User Interface), the work efficiency and situation awareness within emergency control centers would be improved. Moreover, the new digital situation maps are capable of seamlessly integrating the rising amount of existing digital data. Since operators in emergency control centers will be under extremely stressful circumstances due to large cases of crisis, the design has to be intuitive and user-friendly to provide a smooth transition from the current technology to the new emergency center.

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3D-Board: A Whole-Body Remote Collaborative Whiteboard

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Automatic Annotation Placement For Interactive Maps

D. Kaneider, M. Haller, and T. Seifried, 2013. in Proceedings of ACM ITS 2013: ACM Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, St. Andrews, Scotland, 2013, pp. 61-70.

Automatic Annotation Placement for Interactive Maps

D. Kaneider, 2013.
Master Thesis, Interactive Media, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg Campus, Austria, 2013

Canyon: Providing Location Awareness of Multiple Moving Objects in a Detail View on Large Displays

A. Ion, B. Y. -L. Chang, M. Haller, M. Hancock, and S. D. Scott, 2013. In Proceedings of the 31st international conference on Human factors in computing systems, Paris, France, 2013.


Thomas Seifried

Jakob Zillner

Alexandra Ion

Daniel Kaneider

Department of Interactive Media
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
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