Take a quick glance at our current projects.


TextileUX proposes the creation of a multi-functional textile-based sensing platform to enable computational environments to be embedded seamlessly into our lives. It aims to broaden the knowledge base at the intersection of material, textile and computer science.



For the new Electric L-category vehicle demonstrator, developed by KTM Technologies GmbH, we contribute innovative HMI concepts as well as novel input modalities. The aim is to improve driver experience, usability, and driving range through the use of intelligent on-board information systems, such as providing live recommendations and coaching for eco-friendly and energy-saving driving styles.


  • Innovative HMI dashboard
  • Knitted smart textile seat cover


Within BAMBI, we create algorithms and interfaces to enable monitoring of animals in the wild, based on video data captured with UAVs. The project aims at analyzing the long-term development of wildlife populations to identify impending ecological problems, such as biodiversity loss or overpopulation.



DigitalWerk pursues the goal of imparting competencies in the field of robotics for any age group, through school and university, and beyond professional life. We contribute by developing and executing workshops on co-creating technology with the general public at festivals, courses, and summer schools.


Innovation Playground

Innovation Playground shows that conscious design of an interior environment and an accompanying tool set with respect to established creative methodologies can lead to more efficient meetings and workshops that can boost company innovation.


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