Samuel Zühlke is a research associate at the Media Interaction Lab and currently working on textile sensors. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Media technology  and -design in 2021, he is currently studying in the Master’s programme Interactive Media, both at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria on Campus Hagenberg.

His research topics include Computer VisionMachine Learning and Textile Sensors with special interest ranging from Data Science and Immersive and Generative Arts to BCI. He is a multi-hyphenate IT and media generalist with a broad background in Computer Science as well as UI/UX Design.

After working as a Tutor/ TA in multiple subjects, including Computer GraphicsAlgorithm and Data-structures as well as Graphics and OO-Programming, and working together with the Media Interaction Lab on various projects, namely on visually Encoded Data (KnID) and text input devices with limited keys (Bachelor’s Thesis – Altype), he joined the Team as a research associate in 2022.

Personal interests include the pursuit of knowledge expressed in constantly trying to learn new things with the current topics being languages, knitting, and app-development. His free time is spent with 3D-Printing useful/ -less gadgets, cooking, gardening, and reading.