The goal of AMIRE is an efficient creation and modification of mixed reality (MR) applications.

The Amire project will develop:

  • best practice examples interface specifications
  • MR gems
  • MR components
  • MR frameworks

dedicated MR authoring metaphors together with generic design recommendations and procedures. Furthermore, authoring tools will be developed in order to efficiently use MR in applications, to conceive new MR methodologies and exploit synergies when combining MR technologies in the AMIRE framework, and to establish authoring as a new application domain for MR. The framework is based on ARToolKit.


ARToolKit is an open source vision tracking library that enables the easy development of a wide range of Augmented Reality applications. The library has been inspired and implemented by Prof. Hirokazu Kato and Dr. Mark Billinghurst. Based on ARToolKit 2.65 (MacOS, Linux, and SGI) we added new Windows specific features:

  • The grab image size is resizable
  • project files for Visual Studio .net
  • DLL-support (this has to be tested)