Anoto Graphics Tablet

State: completed
Links: Office of Tomorrow, Shared Design Space

A “mouse driver” for Anoto Pens

In addition to our project “Shared Design Space” a mouse emulator for Microsoft Windows® was implemented. This emulator allows users to work with any Windows application using an Anoto® pen on our large-screen tabletop setup.

We also created a tangible toolbar for the use with Adobe Photoshop CS2®. By simply triggering keyboard shortcuts when tapping on the menu’s icons, the users can switch between different tools in Photoshop. This novel  interface allows users to create hand-drawn paper toolbars for any application which uses keyboard shortcuts within a few minutes. The disposable interface can easily be created for each single task and safes screen estate when hiding the virtual toolbars.

We would like to thank Johnson Witehira for doing the photoshop-artworks and helping us with our demo-videos. Johnson spent 4 month in Hagenberg being part of an student exchange program between the EU and New Zealand. Originally he studied at the Wanganui School of Design in Wanganui, New Zealand.


Conoto Graphics TabletConoto Graphics TabletConoto Graphics TabletConoto Graphics TabletConoto Graphics Tablet