In FlexTiles we demonstrate , a flexible, stretchable pressures sensitive tactile input sensor consisting of three layers of fabric. We show the implementation of FlexTiles for covering large areas, 3D objects, and deformable underlying shapes. In order to measure these large areas with high framerate, we present a measurement implementation and a tiling architecture. To aid reproducibility, we describe all steps including construction of the material as well as measurement technique, in detail. Finally, we outline the benefits of our system compared to other tactile sensing techniques.



Tactile-sensing technology became popular over 30 years ago and it is still evolving. Recent work shows exciting new developments and application areas. However, most of those sensors have limited deformability, and may even break when stretched.

In this demonstration, we present FlexTiles, a flexible tactile sensor, which consists of three layers of stretchable fabric, which is not changing its sensing behavior while stretched. Its ductility and form-fitting ability enables a wide range of novel use cases, such as form-fitting input techniques on complex shapes or deformable, underlying shapes.


  • Design and implementation of a highly stretchable, formable pressures sensitive tactile input sensor with real-time, interactive performance.
  • The engineering of three sandwich layers, including a technical evaluation and comparison of material options.
  • Three prototype applications that demonstrate the versatility of this sensor for scalability, form-fitting, and integration with deformable objects.