Fully Liberating User eXperience

Flux is an interactive touch sensitive surface that can be used either as an interactive table and/or as a digital whiteboard. The surface is based on a rear-projection screen providing both multi-touch and multiple pen interaction with individual identification. Flux was developed together with our partner Team7.

Interactive, multi-touch devices are rapidly increasing in popularity across many industries. Flux allows multiple modes of interaction in a variety of configurations, allowing increased flexibility, usability and productivity.

Flux’s application interface is automatically optimized for the intended use depending on its orientation. Flux can be used as a sketch board, a discussion table or a white-board. Transformation between different orientations is single handedly achieved easily and elegantly. Rear projection, in conjunction with FTIR and Anoto pen tracking allows multi user, multi modal interaction in every configuration.

Flux has the following novel features:

  • transition between multiple hardware/user configurations
  • Optimized user interface based on the configuration and hence intended use
  • Breakthrough multi modal input possibilities with independent, simultaneous hand and pen tracking
  • Completely separate, individual and simultaneous interaction facilitated with pen(user) recognition

Flux provides unmatched flexibility and capability in setup, use and user input. It will set the path for a new generation of interactive surfaces.


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  2. IncreTable showed on Flux Table, ACM SIGGRAPH 2008, New Tech Demos, Aug. 11-15, Los Angeles, USA, over 28,000 visitors.


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