State: completed
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Intoi Digital Whiteboard

Using several cutting edge technologies, we want to open new ways of brainstorming, presenting content and transfering knowledge. The interactive multiuser installation Intoi is being developed in C#, uses back projection, hand tracking, the Anoto technology and presents a new way of user interaction.

The users can draw and write on a digital projected surface with Anoto pens,  load and create images, Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF files. Participants in a meeting can send their own files onto the projection surface, respectively to the Intoi application, by using a thin Intoi client application.

Intoi Digital Whiteboard

The user-interface-design presents a new way of user interaction. Instead of classic drop down menues we build circular shaped recognition areas for switching tools or changing settings. It is possible to simply use the hand to navigate through the page, without invoking any scrollbars.