A workshop for envisioning the future with Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans


The realm of fiction is full of utopias. We have countless ideas of what an ideal future could look like but often fall short in bringing those to the real world. In fiction, the preconditions upon which a utopia can be built are malleable, making any imagined future a possible scenario. In real life, one is bound to a fixed starting point and the ruleset often appears too rigid to be changed. What if we would create a desirable future with the same creative audacity of fiction but with the preconditions and rules of the real world?

The workshop was targeted at people who

  • are interested in Fantasy or Sci-Fi stories,
  • are enthusiastic about coming up with ideas for the future, and
  • want to speculate and work on the future of technology in a playful and creative way.

We used a setting that brings together people with similar interests but diverse backgrounds: NectComic 2023.